Sarah Burton lives up to the legend.

I should probably preface this with the warning that I’m a little bit biased due to an unhealthy love of the label and both of its designers, BUT Sarah Burton showed her second full collection for Alexander McQueen yesterday in Paris and she did not disappoint.


Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen F/W '11 published a glowing review (I guess I’m not the only one obsessed here) which summed up Burton’s immense talent and grace in taking better care of the iconic but fragile brand than anyone else ever could.

“It felt much more like Burton wanted to remind the planet that she isn’t channeling the McQueen DNA, she is the McQueen DNA.”

I think McQueen himself would have to agree.

Check out the rest of the looks here. How do you think Sarah Burton is doing so far?  Is she living up to the legend?



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3 responses to “Sarah Burton lives up to the legend.

  1. Marina

    She is definitely living up to the legend! I learned from my internship that it is rumored that Kate Middleton will wear Alexander McQueen to her April 29th wedding. Take a look!

  2. I’m obsessed with this collection too! I think shes really doing a great job. And like the reader above me mentioned, I really hope Kate wears one of these dresses for the wedding I think I would die!

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