The PR parallel.

So Annas, it turns out that many of us who currently dream of entering the editorial world often make the leap over into the very closely related world of PR.  Fashion PR is the exact opposite of what we do, all of the samples that we receive, they send.  All of the pieces we shoot, they promote. Carine Roitfeld is reportedly headed to Barney’s post-Vogue, proving that even some of the big names trade teams once in a while.

To give us a better idea of what it’s like to make the switch, I interviewed my friend Lisa who recently did just that. Here’s what she had to say!

What is a typical day like for you?
A typical day starts with reading the top newspapers such as WWD, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and New York Post to know what is going on. I am an Account Coordinator so I typically am dealing with sample trafficking to editorials. Sometimes editors will contact me for samples when they have a story, but most of the time I have to contact editors to see what stories they are working on so that I can send over samples that could get our clients possible placement. A lot of my job is building a relationship with editors. Writing skills are important in PR. Depending on the client or event I am working on, I also pull together lists with editors and their contact information so that we can send invitations, media alerts for events, or press releases.

What was your favorite part of editorial?
In editorial, you are using your knowledge of fashion and trends and placing it artfully to the rest of America and the world to see and learn from. Being in an editorial office helped me learn so much about fashion. I have always loved fashion and thought I knew a lot about it, but I learned about new designers everyday! You are at the forefront of fashion, knowing all the trends and how to wear them. The amount of fashion and accessories that are available in an editorial office is amazing to me, and I loved having it all in front of me. During my time in editorial, I felt that my fashion style evolved because I was immersed and surrounded by the most talented stylists and fashion gurus in the industry.

What is your favorite part about PR?
When an editor contacts me with a story, it is up to me to pick the right pieces that would work for the story that is available in my showroom. My favorite part is to get a piece I sent to an editor placed in his or her magazine for my client.

What was the transition like?
The transition is a bit tough even though you would think it would be similar because a lot of it is sample trafficking. In editorial,
market editors have everything at your fingertips. If they need a certain style of clothing for a story, they can either approach the PR companies or if they know a certain PR company who has many different brands that would work the story, they can visit the showroom and pull whatever they see that they like. Since I work in a PR agency, I have several clients that I have to satisfy, and sometimes I cannot just wait for editors to approach me. I have to reach out to editors, sometimes twice or three times just to get their attention. The biggest part of the challenge is knowing that out of all the 30 emails I send out, I will probably only get 3 or 4 responses. It’s hard for me because I know how many emails these editors get a day from PR agencies. Knowing how much editors have to pick items for their stories, makes me always wonder what I have to send that will stand out over the other items when an editor goes through a run-thru for a story.

Which field do you ultimately hope to end up in?
Ultimately, I would love to be back in editorial because not only do I learn a lot about fashion 24/7, I am also inspired everyday. The ideal dream job would to be a fashion editor styling for editorial spreads. I used to get a high from being at a photo shoot. Watching the fashion editor decide how to make the perfect look was inspiring. I don’t know what could get better than putting the model, the makeup, the photographer, and the fashion all together to create works of art and inspiration.

So you can see why so many people  venture into PR. Do you think that having a background in editorial is an advantage for someone in PR?  Would you ever consider trying it?


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