Make an impression.

Once you land the internship/job/freelance position, how do you stand out?  In an industry that’s all about networking, the only way to navigate your career through it are the connections that you make.  You have to be memorable in an ever-changing sea of interns that flow in and out of magazines in order to make your time worthwhile.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be the favorite in no time!

1. Everything you do should revolve around the central goal of making your boss’ life as simple as possible.  Be it keeping everything organized, adding extra details that were not asked for but would clarify, or sensing when she is overwhelmed and volunteering help before she even has to ask, it will make a difference in your boss’ day and make you look thorough and competent.

2. Smile.  A good attitude will get you far.  You’re fortunate to be where you are (“a million girls would kill for this job!”), so show that you recognize this, and your bosses will appreciate it.

3. Follow up on everything.  Make notes, set reminders, anything, but make sure to complete every task you are given. Make sure no one ever has to wonder whether or not a task will be completed when it is given to you.  By making yourself reliable, you make yourself invaluable.

4. Be efficient. Don’t move so quickly that you are sloppy and have to do it again, but prioritize tasks and when you are asked to do something, do it as quickly and neatly as you can.  Time is always important, and by showing that you understand your boss has a lot to do and needs something quickly, you are showing that you appreciate and respect her.

5. Do not complain. This seems extraordinarily obvious, but you would be amazed by the level of whining that often comes floating out of the fashion closet. Everyone knows that you don’t really want to alphabetize hundreds business cards, but if you say “Sure!” and do it anyway (with a smile!) it will not go unnoticed.

What is the best tip you’ve ever heard for interns?


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