Royal weddings and new trends?

Fashion often follows the news, and I think that you all know what direction this means.  Royal wedding fever has taken over, and from that gorgeous dress (but you already know how I feel about Sarah Burton) to those absolutely insane hats, you can be sure the trends will make the hop across the pond.

I, for one, sincerely hope that hats make the journey to the States very soon.  Fashion should always be fun, and there’s no denying that hats like these definitely have some personality.  Hats are a trend that hasn’t been big in the United States for quite some time, and it was be nice to see a very different shift.

What do you hope is the next big thing?


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One response to “Royal weddings and new trends?

  1. danielle

    Cannot believe you feature Beatrice and Eugenie (and please don’t question my inexplicable knowledge of the royal family, 4 months in England will do that to you), I thought they looked like Lady Gaga styled them! But I do have to say I have an unhealthy love for fascinators, maybe its the Irish in me, but whenever I hear wedding I think hats! Hope your right about a new British Invasion involving this stylish head wear because I wouldn’t mind rocking something other than a graduation cap this summer 😉

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