Keep Calm and Carry On?

Okay Annas, I know I’m getting very uncomfortably close to that terrible G word, but I’m feeling strangely and very uncharacteristically calm about it all.   Maybe because I had my first-ever Grace Coddington sighting today (which has to be a good omen!), but I’m feeling like just maybe it’ll all be okay.  If you’re stressing about life post-grad, try these tips to help give you a little faith…

-I know it seems like an impossible task to actually get a job, but everybody does it.  Don’t feel like your career path is impossible, no matter how competitive because, hey, somebody’s gotta land that dream job, why not you?

-If you’ve worked hard, you’ve made an impression and people will want to help you.  People want to help others be happy if they feel like you deserve it, and if you’ve been a good worker, they won’t forget you.

-If you want it bad enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.  There isn’t just one path to your goals, so if your dream job doesn’t happen right away, work hard at whatever does, you’ll get there eventually.

-I know this one’s less uncommon than what you probably wanted to hear, but like my mom (hi Mom, I’ll admit it, you are usually right) always says, “what is meant to be, will be.”  Sometimes you have to have faith in all that you’ve done to prepare yourself and leave the rest up to fate.

I hope this helps, and on a completely unrelated note…

How great did Anna look at the Met Ball? Love.


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