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Meet Mia.

So, in honor of this very rainy Friday, I decided it was time to start introducing you to some of my friends with a little bit of experience in the fashion editorial field.  I’ve found that hearing the stories of others can give you a lot of insight on your own path to Grace Coddington glory.

I asked a few people in the industry to tell me a little bit more about their journeys, and one of my favorite people, Mia Solkin of Glamour, agreed to be my first interviewee.  She is a fashion assistant there and gives wonderful career advice, so listen up!

Why did you decide to start working in magazines?
It wasn’t that I necessarily wanted to work in magazines, but knew that I wanted to explore the fashion industry, and felt that magazines played such an important part. Now that I am in magazines, I wouldn’t want to experience the fashion industry in any other way. I love knowing and seeing the new collections/trends months before they hit the stores and understanding what makes an item editorial. We have deadlines, and constant new stories to work on, so it keeps things interesting!

What’s a typical work day like for you (or is there such a thing as a typical day)?
No day is totally typical, but generally, I am on my email all day, corresponding with PR companies and working out how to get particular samples into the office – per our stylists requests. It often feels a little like a game, and I update my board on what is coming in, not available and when they are in-office. I have also started working on smaller stories, too, for our shopping pages, and get to call in and edit down which pieces I feel are most appealing to readers.

What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of my job is working with a boss whom I adore, without which, I wouldn’t learn nearly as much.

What’s the most difficult?
Relying on interns to work for you, I still haven’t quite mastered that yet. I look forward to a time when my work only needs to be done by me (if that makes sense).

What’s your best advice for anyone wanting to work for a fashion magazine?
Intern. Intern. Intern. Work hard, give up your life, make it a priority. Be polite to everyone and try to think that everyone you meet might help you get the job of your dreams, so make it count.

What designers/magazines/trends are you most inspired by right now?
Well I am all still in the midst of fashion week madness – so at the moment I am loving Mary Katrantzou, and I loved Tibi this season too. I started at Teen Vogue, so am still inspired by their mixes of neons/prints etc. and I have done a lot on florals lately, so that’s another trend I’m liking too! I sound all over the place!

Mary Katrantzou F/W 2011

So there you have it. It’s a wonderful/crazy industry, but it requires a lot of hard work, so get started early and network, network, network!


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